What Is ColorSmooth®?

It's in the name, a waterproof* completely smooth material with massive design flexibility!

ColorSmooth® offers many benefits:

  • Choose this if you want a smooth surface that you can easily write on ✍️
  • Printed on both sides, right to the edge.
    This means you can have double-sided Pennants, Banners and Ribbons 🎀
  • It is quick! Once your design has been finalised, the time from print to dispatch
    is faster than many other options. ⚡
  • It's waterproof* 💦
  • One smooth surface with no peeling or flaking print 🛡️
  • It can be cheaper, with no Ribbon Plates required to print your design,
    ColorSmooth® is ideal for more complex orders with a high amount of personalised details 🌌
  • Be creative, ColorSmooth® is ideal for bright colours, fine details and fun designs 🌈

You can talk to our team to receive a sample of ColorSmooth® if you're interested and want to see if ColorSmooth® is right for you.

ColorSmooth Examples Banner

*ColorSmooth® is waterproof but we do not recommend exposure to chemicals such as Chlorine - if exposed we suggest rinsing the Chlorine off the solution.