What Are 'Ribbon Plates'?

To apply a foil design on our Ribbons we require a physical metal template, this is a Ribbon Plate.

We have many existing designs and wording layouts ready to achieve your design and we can often mix and match Ribbon Plates to achieve the look you're after.

However, if your personalised foil Ribbon has unique wording or design a plate fee may incur. This is due to us needing to create a new physical metal plate for your unique design that no one has ordered before, such as your logo. We will let you know if this is the case on receipt of your order, prior to production.

Plate Example 2
This is an example of a
scroll design on a Ribbon Plate.

Once we have your logo or unique design as a Ribbon Plate, it can be used year after year. A Ribbon Plate fee is a one-off fee, for the initial metal plate creation only. If the Ribbon Plate "wears out" we will remake the Ribbon Plate without charge.

If you do change/update your logo or design, please don't forget to tell us!
A Ribbon Plate Fee may apply in order to make the updated plate.