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Our Green Printing Promise

Because we care, Awards Plus® is committed to continuously improving our environmental standards as a core part of how we do business.

Our commitment is aligned with the requirements of our accreditation, which we have held since 2010, to the Print & Visual Communication Association's Sustainable Green Print (SGP), Level 1 (Cert no. L1/203286). Our commitment covers not just our manufacturing facilities but our immediate surroundings and the wider environment where our raw materials are sourced and where our products or services are used.

We will:

❀ Meet the requirements of applicable environmental legislative standards.
❀ Meet industry codes of practice and procedures to which we have subscribed.
❀ Strive to continuously improve our internal processes and practices to address the environmental impact and cost of our products and services.
❀ Develop and maintain an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to document our environmental objectives and environmental targets and enable us to monitor our overall environmental performance.
❀ Train and resource our staff in practical environmental management.
❀ Commit to preventing pollution and especially minimise the release of any contaminant into our environment.
❀ Use raw materials efficiently to conserve our natural resources.
❀ Recycle packaging materials and minimise waste.
❀ Prefer biodegradable chemicals and minimise the use of solvents.
❀ Communicate our environmental commitment to our suppliers, our staff and our customers.

Awards Plus® is constantly working towards designing and investigating safe and environmentally friendly alternatives so that smiles can be created with a conscience through positive encouragement.

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If you have any further queries in regards to Award Plus'® environmental policies and standards please email us: info@awardsplus.com.au

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