What is ColorSilk™?

ColorSilk™ was developed to mimic the classic features of screen print while offering extra value, colour and design flexibility.


So, What is ColorSilk™?

ColorSilk™ is similar to screen printing, a traditional printing process.

The essential idea of ColorSilk™ is that ink is applied to the surface of the material with your chosen design. The 'background' colour is the colour of the material, usually either traditional Felt or Satin fabrics.

There’s a whole lot of technical stuff that goes on to do this, but we'll keep it simple. This process produces a great writing surface directly onto the traditional materials.

ColorSilk™ is great if you are after a time-honoured look.

We have decided to upgrade this traditional printing method (Screen print) with a new solution. Screen print products are time-intensive to produce with ongoing costs. In light of this, ColorSilk™ was designed to provide the feel, quality and benefits of traditional screen print at no extra cost.

The Key Points


Unlimited print colours are available with ColorSilk™, whereas screen print only offered 1 to 3 print colours.


Most screen print products can only be printed in one, two or three colours. ColorSilk™ offers unlimited print colours - perfect for displaying your vivid logo.


ColorSilk™ is available in Satin or Felt, with a host of colour options to choose from for Banners and Pennants.


Satin (left) and Felt (right) is available in a wide range of  colours.


ColorSilk­™ is the same price, regardless of how many print colours you choose. Screen print increases in cost with each additional print colour.


With more colour choices comes more design flexibility. Utilise different colour combinations, border designs, gradients and much more.


ColorSilk™ is less time intensive and laborious, taking approximately 2-3 weeks for dispatch (depending on design approval time). Screen print takes a longer time to produce, at approximately 3-4 weeks for dispatch.