I Want Engraving On My Medals, How Should I Order?

Once you have picked the Medal(s) you would like and know what you would like to engrave. Download our engraving details spreadsheet and follow the instructions to fill in your details

What Spreadsheet?

You can find the spreadsheets under 'File Downloads' when on a Medal's web page.

Engraving Download(1)

There are two main spreadsheets, one designed for orders of 50 mm Medals and one for 60 mm Medals.

If you are unable to find them, click the links below to download the spreadsheet.

50MM Medal Engraving Details

60MM Medal Engraving Details

For orders of our Scroll Medal Only - 50MM Scroll Medal Engraving Details

We require all orders with engraving to fill out a spreadsheet to ensure that all engraving details for your order are correct

How should I return my completed spreadsheet?

Once you have completed the spreadsheet with your engraving details. There are two ways to return your spreadsheet.

If ordering online, an option will be given when you say yes to wanting engraving that lets you upload the spreadsheet.


If you would prefer, you can also email us at info@awardsplus.com.au with the details of what order the spreadsheet belongs to.