What's The Difference Between Full Colour And Screen-Printed?

For our Banners and Pennants, you may notice that there are two options; Full colour or Screen-Printed. Let's break down what the difference is between these two options.

Full Colour

It's in the name, this means you can have all the colours in the rainbow 🌈.  Full Colour offers you ultimate design flexibility with your unique design able to be printed with clean lines and bright colours right to the edge. With our Colorsmooth® material you can even have a design printed on the back such as a place for signatures.


Screen printing is a traditional printing process. The essential idea of screen printing is that a screen is created which applies ink to the material with your design.  There’s a whole lot of technical stuff that goes on to do this but we'll keep it simple. This process requires time, particularly when a design contains multiple colours as we have to ‘cure’ each layer of ink before printing the next colour. Screen printing is great if you are after a time honoured look.

Design 6  Print Examples

Key Differences

  • Price - The Full Colour option is more affordable as the printing process requires less time and labour.
  • Materials - Materials offered for Screen-Printed are different to materials offered for Full-Colour, check out the solutions page on our website for more details on the materials offered.
  • Time - Screen-Printed solutions take a longer time with dispatch time around 3-4 weeks versus Full Colour solutions can be dispatched within 10 business days (depending on design approval time).
  • Design - As mentioned Full Colour offers you the most design flexibility, whilst Screen-Printed has more design limitations due to the printing processes.