What's The Difference Between PolyFelt™ Full Colour And ColorSilk™?

When it comes to our Banners and Pennants, you might have noticed that we offer two main options: PolyFelt™ Full Colour and ColorSilk™ (previously known as Screen-Printed). Let's take a closer look at the differences between these two choices.

PolyFelt™ Full Colour

It's in the name, this means you can have all the dye colours in the rainbow 🌈, including in the background.

With the PolyFelt™ Full Colour Dye process, you have the ultimate freedom to create a design that can be printed with crisp lines and vibrant colors that extend all the way to the edge.

Similarly, Full Colour is also available in Canvas, Satin and ColorSmooth® variants.

Our ColorSmooth® material offers the unique advantage of being able to print a design on the back as well. This feature comes in handy when you require additional space for extra details such as names or a place for signatures.


ColorSilk™ is similar to Silk Screen Printing, a traditional printing method.

The basic concept behind ColorSilk™ is that ink is applied to the material's surface with your selected design.

The 'background' colour is the colour of the material, usually either traditional Felt or Satin fabrics.

There’s a whole lot of technical stuff that goes on to do this, but we'll keep it simple.

This process creates a fantastic writing surface directly on the traditional materials. ColorSilk™ is perfect if you're after a time honoured look.

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The Key Differences

  • Price - The PolyFelt™ Full Colour option is more affordable, as the printing process requires less time and labour.
  • Materials - Materials offered for ColorSilk™ are different to materials offered for PolyFelt™ Full Colour. Check out the solutions page on our website for more details on the materials offered.
  • Time - ColorSilk™ solutions take a longer time, with dispatch time around 3-4 weeks; Full Colour solutions can be dispatched within 10 business days (depending on design approval time).
  • Design - As we mentioned earlier, PolyFelt™ Full Colour provides you with the utmost design flexibility for both foreground and background design. On the other hand, ColorSilk™ has some design limitations due to the printing processes and does not alter the color of the background fabric.
  • Writing -When it comes to writing, Colorsilk™ takes the lead. The printed areas provide an ideal surface for writing with either a pen or marker. While Polyfelt™ Full Colour can still be written on, it is recommended to use a marker for optimal results.